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Dr. Susanna Park changed my life in so many ways

I am a believer! Dr. Susanna Park changed my life in so many ways. Years ago, neurologists told me that I would need to take preventive beta blockers daily to restrict blood flow to my brain in order to control my debilitating migraines. Next, a physiatrist instead informed me I need to be on nerve blocking medication for the rest of my life and that I need surgery for the disc herniations in my neck/cervical spine which were the cause of my migraines. I could neither accept these options nor believe a lifetime of prescription drugs and surgery were the only way. I was only 34 when doctors started recommending these options.

After repeated treatments with Dr. Park, I no longer have migraines. Not a single migraine after suffering 8 or so a month. Also, the debilitating pain from my disc herniations are now manageable and no longer chronic. I am for the first time in years nearly pain free — all without surgery. I am so grateful for Dr. Park, her talents are truly a gift to humanity.

Also, my then 5-year old son was repeatedly getting strep throat. He was on rounds and rounds of antibiotics throughout the year. Doctors warned me that if he got strep one more time, he would need to get his tonsils removed. He was only 5 years old and they were recommending surgery for him. I brought him to Dr. Park and she boosted his immune response and helped drive out the pathogens deep within his body that was causing regular infections to occur. Since that single visit, he has NEVER had strep throat again. It’s been over a year now.

I strongly urge anyone who has received a diagnosis that is unfavorable to visit Dr. Susanna Park before committing yourself to a lifetime of prescription drugs and/or surgery. Especially for children who should be treated in the most delicate and natural way possible and not through drugs, antibiotics or surgery. My entire family is just so grateful for her!

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