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Effective, 100% Natural Treatment for
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

End The Suffering.  We’ve Helped Over A Thousand Patients Since 2014.  Let Us Help YOU.

What Our Amazing Patients Are Saying...

“Within 3 months of treatments, I got my period two months in a row. I have had irregular periods for as long as I remember, so this is nothing short of a miracle. Dr. Park is kind, a great listener with many tips and I recommend her fully.”

– Jane, 27, Therapist

“I went to so many doctors but Dr. Park was the only one that was able to make a difference. She is knowledgeable, kind and helped me make healthier lifestyle choices. My time with Dr. Park has been transformative.”

– Stacey, 42, Accountant


“Dr. Susanna saved my life. I finally feel like myself.”

– Jenny, 35, Executive

I feel so lucky to have found this clinic. I was skeptical at first but it was the best decision I made for my health. I feel like I found the best doctor and couldn’t be happier! Thank you!”

– Bridgette, 30, Hair stylist

Dr. Susanna is a practitioner that strives to see you progress in your personal health and well-being. I know when I felt I couldn’t turn to traditional medicine, Dr. Susanna’s practice became a source of strength.”

– RJ 22, Social Worker

Dr. Park is a compassionate and dedicated healer. As I was recovering from a botch surgery, the problems I was experiencing were numerous. The part that was comforting to me, initially, was that the care I received from Dr. Park was complementary to the traditional medicine treatment that I was also receiving. A number of times, Dr. Park helped me to heal in areas that the traditional doctors thought I would have to learn to live with. Dr. Park was exploratory in researching solutions that helped to change the trajectory of my recovery. Finally, she was honest with me regarding the lifestyle changes I needed to make and in calibrating my expectations.” 


“My hormones have been all over the place since I was a teenager. I was later diagnosed with PCOS and put on hormone pills. I wanted to stop taking the pill to start trying and it was a long road. I was referred to Dr. Park by a friend and she is a miracle worker. My husband and I are expecting our first baby!”

AM, 35

Are you Tired Of

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Imbalanced hormones of excess androgens. 

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Irregular menstrual cycle.

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Bad mood swings.

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Excess hair loss.

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Hair growth in unlikely places such as your chin, nipples and stomach.

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Weight gain

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Taking hormone pills that are causing horrible side effects and you don't want to be on them forever.

Our Unique Holistic Integrative Treatments Have Helped Individuals With These Problems And More.  

Contact And Meet Us In Person To Discuss Your Specific Case  And Assess If Our Integrative Method Is A Good Fit.

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